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Hey! Hello! So happy you’ re here! I’m Renata. I love to share my life through this blog. I’m originally from Brazil. I have been moving a little bit throughout the years. I had the great opportunity to live in great cities like Naples, Madrid, London, Boston, Miami and currently I’m based in Chicago. All those great experiences changed me in all sorts of ways. They inspired my taste, my way of thinking, the way I feel and see things. I’m the mother of three little girls, Carolina, Manuela and Gabriela. I’m sure you will see and hear a lot about them here rsrsrs.. They are the meaning of my life. My inspiration, my love, my joy … my craziness, my worries, well everything that come with kids, right!?

What can I expect to see in this blog?

In this blog you can expect to see all my passions. A lot of photography, styling, cake recipes, party ideas, DIY projects, my life, my kids, my hubby, my trips, my memories.  oohhh yes... many memories.. moments and memories that I want to carry with me forever.

What’s your background?

I graduated in fashion design specializing myself in fashion photography. I was able to work styling editorials for magazines in Brazil, worked with a fashion designer in Madrid, in a interior design office in London and styling/planning fun parties in Miami. Throughout the years I did all sorts of courses. I took photography classes, styling, home decoration, flower arrangement, illustration, illustrator, photoshop, visual merchandising, personal shopper, and many more. I never get tired of learning. Now I have a few that I still want to do…rsrsrs

What does Renata expects from this blog?

This blog is for me a place that I exercise my creativity with no fears and concerns. I hope people like what they see and feel free to leave their comments. I hope they can excuse me for my english (grammar) mistakes rsrs… I’m sure they will find a few… but let the images talk through itself.. and don’t forget that I’m not a native American.. I’m just a girl trying to express herself doing it in the best way she can!


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